May 24, 2018



Hallo and a warm (very warm, like 88 degrees of warm) welcome from the Netherlands! I decided to keep with old travel habitats and write to you courtesy of old-fashioned pen + paper from this charming land. I transferred my notes here so you could travel with me, I really hope you enjoy!



Day 1: Amsterdam


Today started just like any other solo trip across the world; me...jet lagged, delusional due to lack of sleep and altogether moving at a turtle pace. Upon arriving at the Schiphol Airport, I was greeted with a short customs line and a seamlessly executed Uber ride (I should mention I was worried about this because if you remember from Nice, I relied heavily on Uber being my only form of transportation, oops.) 


When I arrived, my room wasn't ready just yet, so I took my 50 lb. backpack and hit the road. 

Of course, I had a few must-go spots in mind and I was D Y I N G to try the unicorn bowl at Pluk. PLUK is a dream, the first half of the store is a colorful gift shop/heavenly bakery and the two floors in the back are for enjoying their magical creations. This acai unicorn bowl must have been made of unicorn giggles and pixie dust because yum


Ok tummy is full, now what? I should also mention I had literally no plans... except to eat a unicorn bowl... check.


So, naturally, I started shopping. I happened to be staying in De 9 Straatjes, this neighborhood of "nine little streets" is full of trendy stores selling clothing, books, art and food all nestled in charming Dutch style buildings. If you plan to visit Amsterdam I would highly suggest spending your time here. It's far enough away from all of the tourists but close enough where you really get to take in the culture whilst seeing some of the most gorgeous canals in Amsterdam.


A few credit card swipes and foreign transaction charges later, I got the call that my room was ready! I rushed to unpack and reveled in my beautiful room at the Pulitzer Hotel (I'll be doing a separate post on my stay ☺) after a quick refresh I set out with camera in tow towards the Bloemenmarkt-- Flower Market. 


As I walked around I caught myself not being able to take a step without pulling out my camera to snap a pic. I don't know what I expected... but it wasn't this. It was the type of beauty that could only be created by centuries of rich culture. It was easy to see that all of this history had completely consumed the canal decorated city. I made my way to Van Wonderen to get a stroopwafle and enjoyed the frenzy of tourists flooding the market in search of the finest tulips to take home.


I ended my first day with room service and a plush pink PJ set, falling sleep to Law & Order SVU in the distance (on the only English channel I could find)


Tomorrow I'll be up bright and early for the Tulips!


Day 2: Lisse 


As promised I rose with the sun, against my better judgement to stay submerged in the sea of down feathers. I scrambled to leave the hotel by 6 a.m. because the concierge had informed me that it would be swarming with people trying to get the last glimpse of spring before the Keukenhof closed for the year. I arrived with time to spare. But to my dismay it didn't open for another hour-- looks like I should've stayed in bet after all.


The tulips were out in full force. At first, I was one of the one people there, just my flower friends and me. After a few hours of getting lost in the majesty that is the Keukenhof I stumbled upon a cart near the windmills filled with freshly made Belgium waffles! I was weak, ok? This was truly one of the most captivating places, it seemed to go on forever. Every time I thought I had seen everything there was another windmill, exhibit or extravagant display of botany. After 5 hours of exploring I hopped in my chariot (Uber) and headed back to the hotel.


As I sit and enjoy my omelette + mint tea overlooking the opulent garden at the Pulitzer's Pause café, visions of tulips still dance in my head.


Day 3: Amsterdam


I ventured from my sanctuary in the canal district a little further north, I heard through the grapevine there was a church and some good shopping. I won't bore you + myself with the details. Basically; lots of people, a wax museum and a Ripley's Believe it or Not... you can believe I got out of there ASAP. 


When I got back to my safe place, De 9 Straatjes, I decided to check another one off my list---

A MILKSHAKE THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. Ree7 is another cafe that specializes in extravagant displays of sweets. If we're being totally honest I only ate the toppings-- couldn't even tell you what the shake tasted like, but what I can tell you is that the pink donut was on another level.


Following the milkshake, I promptly passed out and barely woke up for my dinner reservations at Jansz. I threw on a Rent the Runway dress and rushed down the hall passed the garden I had previously has lunch at, did I mention I'm moving in here? Let me just start by saying Jansz is beautiful. They sat me (myself + I) at the most romantic table. A view of the glittering King's canal, freshly bloomed petunias in the flower boxes and a dimly lit candle highlightinh the pastel accents...bliss. The service was impeccable and the food was delectable.


Yep, moving here. Sorry Renner, give our Love Fern my regards + forward my mail to the Pulitzer, Vaarwel!


♡ Kenzie 


I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any fun stories or mems from the Netherlands please comment below, I would love to read them!














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